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My government totaly crupt so I decided to run my ngeo by my own with your support my cell number 03340520464 my email nadeem.Lawrence@yahoo.com its true my brothers and sisters what ever you sent before by ngeos to our government all donations didn't get poor people's they distribut between them . please stop giving them . My vision is to spread only education and educational stuff to deserved children you can come and join us I will lead you to deserve students and poor families persecuted by Muslim peoples they put them in jail so many Christians .no one have so much money for bail powerless Christians waiting for your concern I am music teacher at Islamabad in a famous school (bahria international academy) I am graduate from lasal uni Philippines Manila . I have so many real true cases I am Christian . I want to help my powerless Christians. Please do concern. I never gave up In my life. But I can't fight alone I need you and your support moral and financial .My wife shumaila said 03235687803 also help me to change community .now my  daughter also taking interest in teaching free education to poor Christians there are countless students in our country.I hope you will contact me join my mission meet us email us call us your concern will give us strength to promote our students to achieve our targets 

nadeem.Lawrence@yahoo.com face book .lendahand .

My CV WWW.nadeemlawrence.9f.com

03340520464 , 03235687804